FOSTEX 6301 aktiv monitor transformer bal. XLR och obal. 1/4


Enclosure type:    closed
Unit:    4” full range
Frequency response:    70 Hz – 15k Hz
Sound Pressure Level:    85dB / W (1m)
Maximum SPL:    98dB


All Models:    Connector:    1/4” TS Phone (unbalanced)
Input Impedance:    10k ohm or more
6301NX    Connector:    XLR-3-31 (transformer balanced)
Input Impedance:    10k ohm or more

Output (Thru)
Rated utput:    20W
Distortion (T.H.D.):    0.05% (1kHz / 1W output)
Residual Noise:    -70dBV or less (NB/NE/NX)
Input Sensitivity:    1/4” TS phone:    -14dBV (0.2Vr.m.s.)
XLR:    +4dBu (1.2Vr.m.s.)
XLR(Digital):    -12dBFS
Auto Stand-by:        active after approx. 25 min. of continuous input lower than the threshold level

Dimensions:    120 (W) x 189 (H) x 120 (D) mm
Weight: NX    2.3kgs
Power Requirement:    AC 100 – 240V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption:    10W (less than 0.5W in stand-by mode) – See more at:


Model 6301-series have been on the market since 1982 as the standard active monitor speaker in the broadcast and production facilities and now we have re-design the speakers with the latest D-class power amplifier and newdriver unit featuring energy saving “auto stand-by” function. The electrically balanced version used to be offered only in North America, but now worldwide.

Main features:

20W D-class power amplifier for higher output level and less power consumption with no heat sink
Dedicated 4-inch full range driver for clear audio reproduction
Flat panel design to avoid inadvertent power-off or level change
Auto Stand-by mode (compliant to ErP directive) for energy saving
– See more at:


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