Genelec 5041APM Aktiv vägg Subwoofer System; 6.5″

Technical specifications

105 dB
Frequency response
LFE 30 – 95 Hz (-6 dB)
Driver dimension
Woofers 2 x 6 ½ inch
Amplifier power
125 W
H 1170 x W 346 x D 82 mm, 46 1/16 x 13 5/8 x 3 1/4 inch
15 kg / 33 lb
1 x XLR analog input, 1 x RCA analog input, 1 x XLR link output


The Genelec 5041A Active In-Wall subwoofer is designed to complement Genelec AIW25 Active In-Wall and Genelec AIC25 Active In-Ceiling loudspeakers.

When the 5041A is installed, all that can be seen of it is a discreet small metal grille on the wall. However, its powerful and dynamic bass response will leave no doubt about the presence of a high quality active subwoofer.

The 5041A extends the system’s bass response down to 30 Hz. The 5041A features two 6.5″ drivers in a very slim (depth 82 mm / 3 1/4″) MDF enclosure and a separate 4U RAM3 amplifier unit that can be installed in an equipment rack using the optional RM2 Rack Mount Kit.


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